Favorite Artist of The Day : Dan Luvisi

This guy that I’m about to share today is one of the most amazing digital artist that I’ve ever seen. I saw how his style and digital art has developed and improved on Deviantart and how he has made a fame for himself through his photorealistic artworks and intriguing visual storytelling. If apocalypse is ever going to happen, probably he will be The Last Man Standing. Even ImagineFX has featured him as one of their cover artist and he has shared some of his painting tutorials in the magazine as well.


Enter Dan Luvisi, also known as adonihs. He’s the man that I’m going to share about today. And he’s not just a man. He’s one of the prominent digital artist and concept artist in the industry and has worked on many famous projects from DC Comics, Warner Bros, Universal Studios, Lionsgate and more. Damn his resume is packed with big names at such a young age.


Put aside his skills, talent, art sense and the character designs. What you should notice about this digital artist’s artworks is the incredible amount of details that he input into his digital artworks. You will notice that it’s not just the characters in his artworks that captivates you with their expressions or the colors that Dan uses, but the tiny details of a character’s armor, the texture of the fabric, how the blood splatters, how does the light and shadow falls on each corner of the picture, how the bullet holes and it’s impact look like etc. is the key factor of how photorealistic his digital artworks can be.


Check out this 2 images which depicts scenes from Kick Ass and Mad Men respectively. Can’t tell if it’s a painting or a photo right? That shows how amazing this digital artist is. You can see how well he has mastered the usage of lighting and has a good understanding of details that a picture should have. He has also initiated his very own personal project, Last Man Standing : KillBook of A Bounty Hunter and has garnered plenty of positive reviews to the extent that he has already released his graphic novel! I’m telling you it’s pack with colorful and unique characters and he has created an extensive universe around it. You can purchase the book here. And mind you, when the book was released online it was sold out instantly! And the excitement doesn’t just stops there : according to online sources Paramount has bought the rights to produce a movie based on the LMS storyline! That’s way too cool. Read about the article here.

noa___lms___by_adonihs-d4z35vw lms___hex___by_adonihs-d2yi62d91e2c020803b6c82d08a4da948b71d2e-d4y76b6

I love the universe that he has created for his digital art and character designs. If you like him and would like to see more of his amazing digital artworks, do follow his DeviantartTwitter and CGHub profile.


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